When casually dating, you can try on different personalities, character traits, likes and dislikes with little to no harm inflicted on either party. But when you are looking for marriage, certain elements need to heed more attention than others. Goals, values and morals are as important as ambition, responsibility and accountability. Picking the right man to build and share a life with is the foundation for a wonderful relationship.

When you are in the market for a mens wedding band, you must consider his style, his build, and more importantly, the demeanor in which he portrays himself. First you’ll want to assess his build. Does he have a large frame, medium or small build? If he’s tall and fairly broad, a substantial ring with a wider, heavier band such as a tungsten carbide ring in the 7-10mm range would be ideal. A more slender man or one who is of short to medium height, would be better suited in a slimmer band, like a 3-6mm width.

Once you know the right width, you can then narrow your choices down further by identifying the type of mens wedding band that best suits his personality. If he is a sophisticated man that values quality and has the best TV, car, sunglasses and clothes, then selecting a wedding ring that caters to his desire for the best is top of list. You will most certainly want to look at wedding bands that are substantial in weight, keep a lustrous shine and possibly even embellished with diamonds or other gemstones. Tungsten carbide rings are quite popular among this group, as they feel and appear luxurious and with the nearly indestructible quality they are known for. Mens wedding bands made from tungsten carbide will certainly exude confidence, class and most importantly, quality. If on the other hand your guy is lighthearted, values a sense of humor, carefree and spontaneous a lightweight titanium ring may be more suitable for him. Titanium rings are ultra light yet incredibly strong. They can be simple in design or carry a creative and stylish flare.

Style can also be determined by his noting his preference of metal. There are many popular metals that range in price, durability and appearance. Platinum rings are quite expensive and often times selected purely for the assumed prestige.

On the other hand, a man who values quality over tungsten rings prestige may be more pleased with a tungsten ring. Far less expensive than platinum rings, tungsten weddings bands portray that same luster and shine as platinum, but have far more resilience to damage and destruction. They are a bit heavier as well, which is ideal for a man who likes a solid weight. Titanium rings are nearly as durable as tungsten rings but are significantly lighter in weight, hypoallergenic and offer a lighter grey color, or they can be shined to an almost reflective tone.

Another popular choice involves enhancing metals with other metals or gemstones. Titanium can be combined with white gold, yellow gold or platinum to create a more elaborate look. Diamonds, sapphires and other gemstones can add a unique touch for the refined gentleman.

Knowing your man, his likes, favorite pastimes and even the kind of friends he has can make shopping for a mens wedding band more productive and enjoyable. Taking into consideration what he does, both for business and pleasure can pinpoint a ring style that blends well with his lifestyle.

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