Luke Brown’s Gold Secrets – A World of Warcraft Gold Secrets Guide

You’ve probably spent HOURS running around World of Warcraft, dead broke, attempting to learn how to earn more gold. At the same time you see all of these other players who are loaded up with the newest expensive gear – you know the Warcraft millionaires.

I bet you wondered, how do they do that? How can they have so much gold? Initially I was thinking that many of these players were buying their gold from third-party currency sellers on the internet, but that’s too damn expensive and besides it’s illegal according to the terms of World of Warcraft. This will certainly get you banned from the game in no time.

After several long months of research, I realized that there is this guy named Luke Brown who is the WoW ‘Godfather of Gold’. He holds the many of the closely guarded gold secrets that are available today. You see, Luke Brown is probably the most hated player in WoW because he has a gold secrets guide that details a bunch of his sneaky tactics of legally earning more gold than you could ever imagine spending.

I strongly urge you not to ever buy gold again until you read Luke’s book, Gold Secrets. If you’re at all serious about learning all the gold farming, gold making secrets that are completely 100% legal then read on. Gold Secrets for World of Warcraft is the original best-selling guide that has been in publication for over four (4) years with over 16,000 copies in the hands of gamers just like you. It is written by Luke Brown who, as I mentioned, is despised on the illegal gold selling market.

Inside the guide, Luke shows you how you can easily make 400+ gold per hour – legally without using hacks or cheats!

This guide is very straight forward and takes you step by step, page by page. Here are some of the things that you will learn and can put into practice right away with this guide:

o How to avoid the gold farming mistakes and why 97%  Buy wow gold of players are using incorrect methods.
o The most effective ways for low level players to earn gold fast
o How you can find very rare items like the dancing flute or even a chicken pet
o How to make as much money as possible at the Auction House
o How one special player made 3,056 gold using another players skills – you can do this also
o How to cash in huge profits from selling items that you can buy from vendors
o How to easily make tremendous profit from common items like cloth
o The best places to find items that are in high demand
o How to find mobs that you can kill for massive gold fast
o The ultimate farming paths for both old Azeroth, the Burning Crusade and the Wrath of Lich King
o How to maximize the gold generated from daily quests
o Detailed maps and images of the most profitable paths and locations – its like being guided personally


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