Those shopping for a slim compact camera with outstanding picture and video quality should take a serious look at the Sony-TX5. Especially those who need a camera that is very compact and can take a severe beating. Let me emphasize the word beating! The Sony-TX5 holds up to serious abuse. The DSC-TX5 can even be submerged completely to depths up to 3 meters or 10 feet. Quality photos can be taken at this depth with no burps at all. The Sony-TX5 is waterproof, shockproof, dust-proof, and even freeze-proof. sony 55x75k

I actually saw a demonstration on the web where someone froze the Sony-TX5 solid for an entire week. After the ice melted away, the TX5 was dropped dozens of times and actually ground into the dirt with the guys heel. After which, the camera was given a complete bath in soap and water. The outcome? It worked great!

The Sony-TX5 digital camera has an ideal price for those who are not willing to shell out tons of cash for a nice digital camera. Compared to many other waterproof digital cameras this one is very stylish coming in a variety of different colors. Although my husband wanted the silver, I told him to buy his own because I wanted the pink!

Sony-TX5 Digital Camera Pros:

There are just so many things I love about this little Sony. Although it’s not perfect, I can say for the money it is well worth every dime. The Sony DSC-TX5 is very quick and responds extremely well. This is something that is a must. I have owed other cameras that were sluggish and it’s extremely annoying to say the very least.

The Sony-TX5 also has great features. The TX5 takes outstanding HD video with exceptional quality sound on a giant touchscreen display. Another great feature was the intelligent sweep panorama function as well as the hand-held twilight feature. This camera allows you to capture several pictures at once in a panoramic view with one touch of the button. Very cool. The Sony-TX5 even has something called smile shutter technology. This digital camera is actually supposed to detect a smile and capture it the moment it happens. Yeah, that’s a little strange. It might even be more of a gimmick, but when I get the chance I’ll have to check this feature out.

I did say it was stylish didn’t I? LOL. It’s not the reason I bought it but happens to be a big plus for me. The Sony TX5 does not look like a waterproof camera at all. We’ve needed a waterproof camera for some time and the Sony-TX5 really delivers.

We took a vacation to the Bahamas a while ago before we bought this Sony. It was evident after the vacation that we really needed a quality water proof camera. I was able to take some pictures at the beach, but was always so nervous about dropping it in the water or the sand. So far I’ve had this camera at the beach several times and there are absolutely no signs of leaking or any damage at all despite being dropped in the sand once and on the pavement once.

We shopped around for several other waterproof cameras and I can honestly say that the Sony-TX5 is overall the best waterproof camera out there. I can’t see how anyone could be disappointed given the overall quality and value.

Sony-TX5 Cons:

Just a few things that could be better. I would have liked to have seen more control over the picture quality such as contrast and sharpness. I can live with this, but in the future I would like Sony to add more of these controls. I am an avid photographer so I really don’t so most casual users missing this.

Battery life on this Sony could have been a tad bit better. After we used it sparingly for about two days, it needed a charge. I suppose its about average for a camera like this, but I bought an extra battery for it, and I usually do this with all my cameras anyway. So far I haven’t had to use the extra battery though. The camera charges fast so there was really no need. Occasionally my family and I go camping for several days and I expect I will need it then. So far we just been on several shorter trips two days or less and it has held up fine.


Okay, so we a happy with this camera and it has held up well. Like I mentioned, it is a great little camera, not perfect, but we love it. As long as you realize that this is not an $800 camera, you should have a great time with the Sony-TX5. I can say that comparing it to other digital cameras in general it wasn’t perfect, but it was the best waterproof camera we found out of all of them and others who I have communicated with agree as well. Please visit our Sony-TX5 website for more reviews and the current price of this unique camera.


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