Once you’ve built your website and have started receiving a steady stream of visitors, you’re likely to start wondering if you can squeeze some cash out of it. If you know how to make money on a website with ads, you will quickly discover that websites can be quite profitable. Read on for three methods you can start using right away to cash in with your site.

Google’s AdSense program is one of the  free classifieds in pakistan  most popular way to turn your website into a profit center. Unfortunately, its popularity has more to do with it’s ease of implementation than its profit potential. Nonetheless, it can be a great place to start. All you need to do is sign up for a free AdSense account at Google and provided them with a few details about your site.

After your site is approved into the program, you’ll be provided with a small snippet of code to place in your site. This code makes relevant ads appear on your webpages. When visitors click the ads to visit the advertiser’s website, you make money. Sometimes this will be just a few cents per click, but in some competitive markets, the payout can be much higher. Google provides all the necessary information to help you set up and implement the AdSense program on your site.

Depending on the topic of your site, you may find that someone has already created a product or service for sale that would be of interest to your visitors. Quite often, these folks will offer a percentage of the sale if you recommend their offer to your visitors by advertising it on your website. This is known as an affiliate program. A great place to find products that offer an affiliate commission

At Clickbank.com you can search to see if there are any products related to the topic of your site. When you find one that might be a good match, you use their online tools to generate an affiliate link to place on your site. You’ll earn a commission anytime someone clicks on the link on your site and then purchases the product offered. These payouts can be quite high, ranging from a few dollars to more than fifty dollars per sale depending on the product. The key to profiting from advertising products on your site is to find products that would truly benefit the people visiting your site, and to tell your visitors WHY they would benefit from the product, before suggesting they click your affiliate link.

Cost Per Action ads, better known as CPA ads, payout each time your visitors continue on to the advertisers site and then complete an action, such as submitting their zip code or email address or filling out a form with contact information. Many CPA networks offer options that would appeal to very general audiences, such as free giveaways, ringtone offers and so on. If you traffic is more general in nature, be certain to check out the various CPA networks, apply to them and see what they have to offer.

Bonus Tip: One of the biggest problems with placing advertisements on websites is that people have become blind to ads. Web surfers are becoming so familiar with what an ad looks like, that they are more and more likely to look right past them and not click on them. One way to get around this though is to use enticing web page graphics  near your ads to draw the eye to those areas of the your website. You can see some great examples of these types of graphics

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