Here’s How You Can Find the Best Price for Your Used Phone

In all honesty,Guest Posting not many of us would prefer using a smartphone for more than a year or two at the max. When you plan on buying a new smartphone, it is always better to sell your used phone to save extra cash. To help you find the best price for your used phone, Pricekart recently introduced its ‘ Age Calculator   

This price calculator considers various factors such as working components, the age, and the real-time price of the phone to give you an approximate price of your used phone. This system uses trusted algorithms and machine learning to offer you the best price. Let’s take a look at how this used mobile price calculator works along with relevant screenshots.


Used Mobile Price Calculator

In a few simple steps, you can determine the price of your used phone. The used mobile price calculator will determine the price of your used phone by calculating the age, working components and the available items. Following is the step by step process for calculating the price of a used Apple iPhone 7.


Step 1: Select Your Mobile Model

Step 1 is to type in the mobile model that you are currently using or the mobile you want to sell. Make sure that along with choosing the model, you are also choosing the right storage variant as the price may differ based on the variant. In our screenshot above, we have opted for the Apple iPhone 7 32GB variant.


Step 2: Select the Age

In this step, put in the age (how long you have used it for) of your used phone. You can choose among three options which include:

  • Less than 6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • More than 12 months

In the screenshot, we have selected the age –more than 12 months.

Step 3: Select the Available Items

In this step, tick off the items such as bill, charger, earphone and box, that are available with your used phone. Remember that the price of your used phone may vary depending on the availability or non-availability of the above-mentioned items.


Step 4: Select the Working Components

And finally, in this last step, you have to tick off all the components that are in working condition on your used phone. The components include:

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