Snack hour is probably the best hour of any given day. However, it is important to spend it wisely with food selections that are good for you.

In most instances, snack hour is dedicated for fun food. Fun food means a burger, a hotdog sandwich, or a bag of potato chips. These are convenient snacks to munch on, but are you aware of its nutritional value? Is there any nutritional content in these snacks to begin with? When it comes to snacking, healthiness should be your choice, not convenience.

Many people may not easily agree with the above statement, but snacking should not be a window of opportunity to munch on food that you would not otherwise eat, given its unwelcome effects 韓國零食批發  on your body. Even for those who are always in a hurry and do not necessarily have the luxury of time to eat proper snacks, it is still not a valid excuse to snack on unhealthy food. In fact, the less time you have means you need to eat only snacks that are known to be good for you.

Health snacks are aplenty. It may not always be readily available for you to buy, but there are many that you can purchase from your favorite grocery store if you look closely. You can even buy healthy food raw and prepare them into snacks if you have the time. If you fancy fruit, buying apples, grapes, bananas, cherries, and papayas are great snacks to munch on during snack hour. If you fancy vegetables, you can have chopped celery stalks, asparagus, and carrot sticks for your midday veggie snacks. Most fruits and vegetables are easy to eat, and thus are as convenient as the ones you can purchase from a fast food chain.

Between healthy snacking and convenient snacking, your body receives more benefits from the former rather than the latter. For one, a healthy snack is naturally packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential to your body. Eating sliced apples for a snack, for example, releases vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, K, and folate in your body. Apples are also packed with health antioxidants and fiber – two benefits that you will never get from eating french fries or buttered popcorn. Also, a health snack can provide your body with good energy that will last. You won’t have to snack every 10 minutes just to replenish your energy supply.

With a healthy snack, you won’t have to worry about building up fat on your belly or midsection. Since the most nutritious and vitamin-rich snacks are generally low in calories and are not made with complex carbohydrates, these are easier for the body to break down. If you are worried about your snacks making you fat, it is best to make the switch to the healthy ones. Even if you are not necessarily conscious about gaining weight or how you look in the mirror, it is still important to keep your snack hour filled with healthy options since your body will benefit much from it.

Although a healthy snack can benefit adults who are always on the go, it is also a good choice for kids, who are just as busy with school and extracurricular activities. A granola bar, a can of trail mix, or whole grain sandwiches with lean meat in the middle can be a significant source of energy throughout the day.


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