Knowing how to build a list is one of the most important things that you need to do online. If you are using other methods to make money online I seriously suggest that you consider learning this skill. In this article I would like to go over the crucial BONANZAJP steps that have helped me to build a sustainable internet business.

The main reason for this is that if you want to build a stable internet business you need to focus on the lead generation business. Instead of relying on search engine traffic once you have built a very large database of leads you basically will generate money every time that you send out an email.

I know of many marketers who were too dependent on search engine rankings. As the search engine algorithms changed they gradually lost their rankings and consequently went out of business.

It is really important that you create a killer squeeze page. This is the most significant step. You need to have a very good squeeze page to convert traffic into leads. I suggest that you split test different headlines with different bullet points to see which gives the best results. Let us take a good look at an example of this. Say your squeeze page only converts 5 percent of visitors into leads. Now if you were to improve that to 30 percent you basically can earn 6 times of what you previously were earning on the same traffic.

Finally, this is a skill that will become a lot better with more practice. The more that you do it the more efficient that you will become. So in the beginning your results may not be that great, but if you persevere you will eventually become good.



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