“…and A Happy New Year!”


Yes, Christmas is over and a happy new year to you and your family. This is what has been sung all over the world and with much joy too. Your real question is how can you make your new year a better one let alone stay happy for the rest of the year?

Sometimes happiness comes in many way for many different people. You may be thinking about having a healthier year, a stress less year, a close family year, a wealthy year or perhaps even a year with babies!

Whatever it is everyone of us has a goal and a dream to achieve. Is that is your case and keeping happy doing that is at the top, let me be your guide:

Secret #1: Whatever You Sow, You Shall Reap

If you own a Bible or have been attending many talks then this phrase might have cropped up very often. Without diving too deep on this phrase, here’s a short description of what it really means to a new year for you.

Think about everything you do as a kind of sowing (an investment). Every way you act, every relationship you build, every business deal that you Happy New Year 2023 Wishes  get into. It is where a seed can grow and it is the growing time that will determine your harvest.

Secret #2: Be True To Yourself

When you walk into the streets or meet people either in emails or on the phone you will meet different kinds of people. You can stay at a very happy state if you just stop focusing on how to be person A, B or C and just be yourself.

If you can do this, I guarantee you that your joy will be complete and that you will become more productive and more creative than ever. If you are a business person or are thinking about your job then let me reiterate this. We are bombarded with the knowledge written by many people all over the globe.

True wisdom however stems from experience and will only appear when you have inner peace. That is your goal, to attain inner peace. You can obtain this by first giving yourself permission to be yourself.

Secret #3: In Pursuit Of Happiness

Just for the record, you need to watch a movie which I believe is a good one for your new year. It is entitled, “in pursuit of happiness” (the movie is spelled this way).

It tells if a father who courageously went through all odds just to attain wealth starting from scratch. Not only that but how he managed to pass through the fiery pits of life together with his son.

In closing, I sincerely with you a happy new year ahead and may your new path to success be guided by your heart. By the way, be prepared for change because your progress starts from changing yourself.


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